Educating kids using the power of attitudes


The Achievement Through Attitude Educational Foundationʼs mission to educate kids and adults in understanding the power of their attitudes. Make them knowledgeable in the attitudes they choose, live by, perpetuate and pass on effects their life, the lives they touch everyday and the indelible mark their attitudes leave long after they are gone.
The Achievement Through Attitude Educational Foundation is an attitude of knowing everyday when your feet hit the floor you have the opportunity to be amazing, to do something amazing, so never hang your head and never surrender in the pursuit of a day well lived….treat people that way you expect to be treated and care about people the way you want to cared about….changing and making the world a better place as you go.
Motivation, Inspiration and Change all start with Attitude.
**The Achievement Through Attitude Educational Foundation is registered as a nonprofit 501c. EIN #45-5311607.


Be Amazing

Choose Attitude

Promise Me

Overview of Program

The Achievement Through Attitude Educational Foundationʼs “Power of Attitude” program is a motivational initiative that seeks to empower young people to improve their attitudes in order to achieve their goals and dreams. The program is based on the belief system that motivation and inspiration all start with attitude.
The “Power of Attitude” program highlights attitudes of some of the greatest individuals throughout history. It explores their attitudes and how their attitudes enabled them achieve the unbelievable, challenge the unreasonable, be accountable at every setback and impose their will to impact the world. Students will learn from these unbreakable attitudes and use this knowledge to become the next person to realize their dream of being the next CEO or research scientist, the next singer or athlete, the next inventor or teacher, the next coach or business owner. The next whatever, wherever. The next somebody that means something to someone. The next person who impacts and transforms the world with their amazing attitudes.
As students struggle to find their voice with the recently increased push for higher test scores and lower budgetary spending. Americaʼs youth are losing the opportunity to positively express themselves both in and out of the classroom. Teens need creative outlets that allow them the chance to become well rounded and free thinkers. The “Power of Attitude” program will to do just that. This program has been designed to incorporate many motivational paths, all to help students gain confidence and a better understanding of who they are. Each lesson will enable teachers and students to work together on becoming free thinkers, able to articulate feelings and emotions through positive attitudes.
The curriculum is designed for students grades 6-8, and will incorporate the following:

Session 1: Expression through Writing and Speaking

Students will gain an understanding of the attitudes and influences of famous historical leaders, authors, and political figures and develop proper social skills when conversing with others.

Session 2: Expression through Attitude and Leadership

Students will gain the skills necessary to create and maintain a positive attitude both in and out of school. They will develop leadership abilities to help them on the road toward success.

Session 3: Expression through Helping Others

Students will participate in various community service activities, and understand how giving back betters the lives of all those involved.
Phillip Stringer
Additional Programing options

Session 4: Expression through Music

Students will develop an appreciation for the history of music and become familiar with a variety of instruments and musical styles.

Session 5: Expression through Dance

Students will learn about the history of art and participate in a variety of art creating methods.

Session 6: Expression through Art

Students will develop an appreciation for the history of dance and become familiar with a variety of styles.

Session 7: Expression through Nutrition and Fitness

Students will understand the importance of physical health and how proper exercise and nutrition can improve oneʼs life.

Phillip Stringer

The Visionary behind ATA Educational Foundation


Achievement Through Attitude founder Phillip Stringer, as a young man faced adversity in the trials of life and overcome the obstacles by focusing on positive ideas taken from various readings and personal experiences. He believes that in order to achieve in life one must live with passion and accountability… to appreciate the things we have and
always be sensitive to the lives we touch each day. Treat people the way you expect to be treated. Let people know you really care about them.
• 1986 graduate of Tuscarawas Central Catholic
• 1990 graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College
• Founder of Achievement Through Attitude Inc.
• Founder of Achievement through Attitude Educational Foundation Attitude Coach
• Corporate Speaker Resides in Hilton Head Island, SC

Liz Meredith

The designer/architect of the ATA Educational Program


Liz taught middle school science in Columbus, Ohio for ten years before becoming a Flight Director at the Challenger Learning Center in Wheeling, WV. During her years as a teacher she was the recipient of several awards including Science Department teacher of the year, twice the Parent Teacher Association Educator of the year, and also the Martha Holden Jennings Award from Capital University in 2005. As a Flight Director, Liz now reaches kids all over the world through their state of the art space mission simulations, both on location at Wheeling Jesuit University and via the internet. Liz is an active member in the running community, completing the Columbus Half Marathon in 2011 and currently training for the full marathon in October of 2012. She also participates in volleyball and kung fu, and has learned how having a positive attitude affects achievement, both in sports and in everyday life. A cause close to Liz’s heart is the National Parkinson’s Foundation as her father was diagnosed with the disease in 2008.